As the power, performance and reliability are the most important factors for determining the quality of a car battery, we pay special attention to these exponents…


VeGa batteries are produced using the best raw materials in order to ensure best performance. They are designed to offer the consumer a product, that combines the latest technological advancements in battery design with maximum performance and durability.


All VeGa batteries offers to the customer:

MAINTANANCE FREE solution, which means they do not need any water addition within whole operating life;


SAFETY -  extended stability in Deep Cycle and low self-discharge;


VeGa batteries are made, using:

charge level INDICATOR – allow easily check the charge state;

heat-sealed COVERs – prevent leakage and contamination;

liquid GAS SEPARATOR – prevent electrolyte losses by collecting electrolyte vapor and returning liquid to the reservoir. Vents allow the battery to “breathe” during temperature changes and charging;

FLAME ARRESTOR, which prevents possibility of explosion from spark outsidе;

low-resistance SEPARATORs – encapsulate negative plates, preventing internal shorting between positive and negative plates;

cast lead-calcium GRIDs – using this technology VeGa batteries offers considerable strength, over charge resistance;

polypropylene CASEs – with such cases batteries are exceptionally strong, durable and resistant to handling and impact damage;



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